Helping To Protect Your Business, Reputation And Future.

Could your organization pass a security audit to do business with a Fortune 1000 company? If you have today, will you in 18 months?

Winning new business from big companies—and keeping it—requires becoming secure and remaining secure as security standards proliferate and threats multiply.

Our clients sleep better because we keep them at cyber security’s innovative edge. We harden their systems and processes so they’re ready every day to repel hackers, operate efficiently, win new business and avoid compliance headaches.

With our service and consulting menu, we can customize a flexible plan that delivers exactly what you need.

Workforce Cybersecurity Awareness & Training.

Almost three quarters of security breaches today begin with some kind of “phishing” activity where seemingly innocent emails or texts are deliberately sent to fool your staff into providing personally identifiable information, banking and credit card details, passwords and other business critical information. Phishing emails can also install malware inside your network and software applications.

Our training methodology will educate your staff and contractors on how to recognize and mitigate phishing risks before they cheerfully click on “funny article” links and e-commerce shipping notifications.

data security training for law firms

Risk & Vulnerability Assessment.

Analyzing where your company is vulnerable includes assessing risk, threats, configurations, and physical and technical processes and practices.

By defining, identifying, and classifying the security vulnerabilities in your computer, network, communications and physical infrastructure, we figure out what makes your organization vulnerable to attack vectors and security incidents. Then we propose countermeasures and forecast their performance so you can make informed decisions.

Penetration Testing.

Pen testing is a cyber security foundation where we put ourselves in the position of the enemy and try to breach your security. Using a variety of tools and human ingenuity, we determine whether, and by what methods, your adversaries could defeat security controls protecting your entire operation; from firewalls and networks, to mobile devices and the Wichita branch office.

pen testing for law firms

Continual Threat Monitoring.

Our eyes never close. Our 24/7 Unified Security Monitoring ensures advanced threat detection across your cloud, on-premise, and hybrid environments. It combines multiple essential security capabilities such as asset discovery, regular vulnerability assessment, intrusion detection and behavioral monitoring.

Incident Response.

When pipes breaks, we call plumbers to fix them. When security incidents and breaches occur, companies like yours contact us to contain the damage, assess the consequences, reduce the liabilities and recover. It’s typically a real-time frenzy of activity and unanswered questions from executives when you most need a resource like CrossKey Cyber Security to return to normal as fast as possible.

IT security incident response

Cyber Insurance Readiness.

While we don’t issue policies, we’re subject matter experts because we not only help companies prepare for pre-insurance audits, we also conduct audits on behalf of underwriters. Whether your interest is coverage for business interruption, extortion or asset loss, we can systematize and minimize your risk profile so you pass your audit the first time.


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