The Value of Expertise and Experience.

The name CrossKey may be new to the cyber security industry, but the experience behind it isn’t. 

Expertise without experience is someone new to the IT security industry who knows, in theory, what to do.

Expertese plus experience is us, a team of really smart IT security pros who know how to do it, because we’ve been successfully securing networks, databases and corporate systems, and working in compliance for 15+ years.  

So, who are we? Leaders who’ve built businesses and managed operational risk as their firms grew. Legal professionals who’ve worked in law firms and understand how the pressures of billable hours and client management influence decisions across the entire firm. We believe our unique origins in the legal industry bring a rigorous compliance and risk management approach to cybersecurity.

When you select CrossKey Cyber Security you gain access to a team that knows what, how and how much to lock down your IT infrastructure so you can provide employees and others with access to the operations, functions and data necessary to operate your firm or business, while preventing access from everyone else who doesn’t.

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